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Our Method

Our recruitment method

To fill current vacancies, you are often dependent on the small part of the job market that is actively looking for a job. Sixteenotwo broadens the search to include candidates who are currently passive: people who are satisfied with their current job, but are open to a new challenge.

These are top candidates, whom you would never get to interview otherwise. By contacting you at an early stage, we shorten both the application process and the period of time when staffing levels are low.


Having a pool of candidates means you are better prepared for potential staffing and continuity problems. Being able to fill vacancies quickly ensures that nothing stands in the way of your growth and continuity. Sixteenotwo’s innovative recruitment process helps you quickly resolve succession and staffing issues with better candidates.


New Professionals

1.040 hours

Posting hours


S&S fee

costs for temporary employee

search & selection savings

campaign recruitment savings

Looking for workforce continuity?

We will build a unique pool of top candidates together. Our years of recruitment experience ensure that we are always able to find the right candidates for your company.

For a fixed monthly fee, we will bring you into contact with a pre-agreed number of candidates. You decide how many new employees to hire at no additional cost!

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