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Career Opportunities

Career opportunities

You have a nice job and are actually quite happy with your current employer. But occasionally, you feel a bit restless. You are ambitious and always curious about interesting new challenges, but you don't feel an immediate need to apply for a different job. Instead, Sixteenotwo gives you a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of a company that appeals to you. You will have inspiring meetings and informal talks with colleagues and decision makers. There is plenty of time to see if there is a match and decide when to take the next step. It gives you a chance to create your own valuable opportunities in your career.


Enough time and scope to define
your own career


A potential employer
that really suits you


No more (sometimes annoying)
job interviews

How does it work?

We believe that you come into your own when there is a match with the organizational culture. That is why we always start by looking at which company will suit you. Our customers often have an ongoing need for new employees in your field. We plan an informal and relaxed interview on an equal footing with the decision makers in your field. If there is a mutual click, you will become a member of the company's unique pool. You will maintain contact with them on an ongoing basis so that you get to know each other well. This will enable you to take a well-considered decision about the next step in your career. The career move you might be ready for sooner than you think.